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Tottenham High Cross Tottenham High Cross

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Plaque: Tottenham High Cross


Tottenham High Cross
This monument stands on the site of a medieval wayside cross which was rebuilt in brick in about 1600 by Dean Wood, a local resident and Dean of Armagh. In 1809 the villagers of Tottenham raised money for its renovation in its present form and the structure is now maintained by Haringey Council.

It seems strange that the Dean of Armagh, based in Armagh, Ireland should be residing in what would then have been a village to the north of London.  British History Online confirms that he "lived on the east side of the green".

Site: Tottenham High Cross (1 memorial)

N17, Monument Way

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Tottenham High Cross

Information Subjects commemorated

Tottenham High Cross

Erected between 1600 and 1609 on the site of a wooden wayside cross which was...

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Tottenham High Cross

Information Created by

London Borough of Haringey

Created in 1965 by the amalgamation of three former boroughs: Hornsey, Wood G...

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Owen Wood

Dean of Armagh from 1588 to 1610. Wikipedia gives his name as Eugene Woods an...

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