(lost) Thomas Guy birthplace


Thomas Guy, 1644/5 - 1724, who built and endowed Guy's Hospital, was born at No 7 Pritchard Alley close to this site.
Dare Quam Accipere {give rather than receive}

Our Latin consultant, David Hopkins, writes: The full sentence, from Acts 20:35,  is BEATIUS EST MAGIS DARE QUAM ACCIPERE - “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. Certainly an appropriate quote for a generous benefactor.

Site: Thomas Guy birthplace (1 memorial)

SE1, Tower Bridge Road

2020 July: via Facebook Jeff Knowles informed us that this plaque has been removed. We surmise that this action may be a result of the Black Lives Matter protests that resulted in Guy's statue being removed.

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Thomas Guy birthplace

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Thomas Guy

Founder of Guy's Hospital. Born 7 Pritchard's Alley, Fair Street, Horsleydown...

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Guy's Hospital

Founded by Thomas Guy in concept in 1721 but it was not until 6 January 1725 ...

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