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Thomas Auton 55 Broadway

Plaque: Thomas Auton


Metropolitan District Railway Company
This stone was laid on 24th September 1928 by Thomas Auton, housekeeper 1899 – 1929, for 43 years a servant of the companies.

Site: 55 Broadway (3 memorials)

SW1, Broadway, 55

Designed by Charles Holden and built 1927 – 1929 as HQ for Underground Electric Railways Company of London, the main forerunner of London Underground, who in 2015 announced plans to move out and sell the building for luxury accommodation. And, 2019, the building has been sold to a hotel entrepreneur.

Sculptures on the facades are by Jacob Epstein, Alfred Gerrard, Eric Gill, Allan G. Wyon, Eric Aumonier, Samuel Rabinovitch and Henry Moore.

The Ashfield memorial is inside but can be glimpsed through a glass panel in the reception area.

The two foundation stones are either side of the main entrance: Wakley facing north, Auton facing east. A housekeeper close to retirement and a foreman stonemason - very unusual choices for laying foundation stones - a job often given to senior management or minor royalty.

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Thomas Auton

Information Subjects commemorated

District Railway / Metropolitan District Railway

Formed to complete the 'inner circle' of the tube in London.  This was effect...

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Thomas Auton

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Transport for London / London Transport

This organisation has been a bit of a political football, often having its na...

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Thomas Auton

Thomas Auton was born on 14 February 1864 in Uffculme, Cullompton, Devon, pro...

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Thomas Auton

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Walter Wakley

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