The Vintners

The Vintners The Vintners

Erection date: 11/7/2007


{On the front of the small stone plinth:}
The barge master & swan marker of The Vintners Company

{Inscribed on an elbow:} WDR

{Inscribed on a shoe:} W '07

Believed to be the first public sculpture in London commissioned by a Livery Company. We would have expected the inscriptions (WDR and W) to refer to the sculptor but perhaps it's the founder. The Vintners and Dyers Companies share in the ownership of mute swans with the monarch and it is their job to catch and ring them in a ceremony known as 'swan upping' done each June. See A London Inheritance for info including photos. The Swan Marker is in charge of the Vintners’ Swan Uppers for the event, but also wears the uniform of Barge Master, dating back to the time when the Company owned a ceremonial barge on the Thames.

Site: The Vintners (1 memorial)

EC4, Little Trinity Lane

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
The Vintners

Subjects commemorated Information

Vintners' Company

One of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London. Its origins s...

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The Vintners

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Vivien Mallock

Sculptor active 2000.  Her own website.

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