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Stock Exchange WW1 memorial Stock Exchange WW1 memorial

Monument: Stock Exchange WW1 memorial
War Memorial


To the memory of those men who went out from this house & died for their King & country.
Boer War
{a list of 24 names - see Subjects commemorated}

{a list of 408 names - see Subjects commemorated}

{a list of 227 names - see Subjects commemorated}

The 3 lists are each in alphabetical sequence. The lettering on the memorial is clear and easy to read - one benefit of the memorial being a modern version of the original, where, from experience of other such memorials, we normally expect confusion between 'C's and 'G's and other similar transcription difficulties.

Site: Stock Exchange WW1 memorial (2 memorials)

EC4, Rose Street, Stock Exchange building, Paternoster Square

Our photo shows the war memorial taking the place of the second window from the left, with the laurel wreath low down near the ground; Temple Bar is in the background, with St Pauls beyond that.

The memorial does not identify the "house" but it's the London Stock Exchange. It's their building and there is a small, unimpressive, crest at the top right of the memorial with their motto "dictum meum pactum" (my word is my bond).  

Roll of Honour gives the Order of Service for the day the original memorial was unveiled.  This includes 408 names, including some information and images of many of the men.

On 27th October 1922 the Stock Exchange War memorial was unveiled on the western wall of the Capel Court Stock Exchange building. Images of the exterior of this building in Capel Court show no evidence, or space, for a large memorial so we think it was probably on the interior of this wall. It was unveiled by The Earl of Balfour, Arthur James Balfour, who had been Prime Minister 1902-5.  When the Stock Exchange moved to the Stock Exchange Tower the memorial was placed on the Throgmorton side of that building.

In 2004 when the Stock Exchange Tower was vacated it was decided that it was not possible to move the memorial to the new Paternoster Square building so a new memorial was created, designed by Eric Parry Architects, incorporating the bronze wreath from the original memorial. The Stock Exchange Tower was demolished and we don't know what happened to the original memorial.

We've failed to find an image of the original memorial but the IWM gives the creators as: Sir Aston Webb & Sons (architect) and Sir Thomas Brock (sculptor), and we did find a photo of the associated sculptures.

We had probably walked past this memorial a number of times and not recognised it as being anything other than a dark window.  So we thank Nigel Hilton who drew our attention to it in 2021.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Stock Exchange WW1 memorial

Information Subjects commemorated

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Arthur L. V. Abbott

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Joseph O. Abbott

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Stock Exchange WW1 memorial

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London Stock Exchange

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Stock Exchange WW1 memorial

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