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St Mary Somerset  - Wren St Mary Somerset Church

Plaque: St Mary Somerset - Wren


The church and tower were redesigned and rebuilt under the direction of Sir Christopher Wren in 1695 following the Great Fire of London.

Site: St Mary Somerset Church (4 memorials)

EC4, Lambeth Hill, St Mary's Somerset Church

The wall plaque, for the tower, is on the south side. The other three are in the paved area around the tower, on three sides. 2013: The north side has been a builders' store area for at least 3 years so we can't see the ground but we don't think there is a fourth plaque there.

A modern information board informs: "This garden covers the site of St Mary's Somerset which may have derived its name in the twelfth century from one Ralph de Somery. In 1666 the church was damaged in the Great Fire of London and then rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren in 1695. In 1869-74 all but the church's 120 foot tower was demolished under the Union of Benefices Act."

As the population of the City reduced fewer churches were found necessary. Under the Union of Benefices Act over 20 churches in the City were demolished to make way for constructions such as railway stations.

We love the riot of finials and pinnacles on the top of the tower.

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St Mary Somerset - Wren

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St Mary Somerset - Wren

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