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Spike Milligan statue Spike Milligan statue

Statue: Spike Milligan statue

Erection date: 4/9/2014


{On the back of the bench:}
Spike Milligan, 1918 - 2002

{On Spike's left thigh:}
John Somerville 2014

Site: Spike Milligan statue (4 memorials)

N3, East End Road, 17, Stephens House

Spike lived in Finchley and often visited Stephens' House - then called Avenue House. Together with the extensive grounds it had been left to the local council by Henry Charles 'Inky' Stephens.

Spike's bench is in the garden, very close to the cafe. Spike and this young fan had quite a long conversation.

The bench is seething with little people and references to Spike's life. A number of faces are modelled on the drawings that Spike made of the Goon characters: we spotted Bloodnock, Bluebottle and Neddie Seagoon. The three soldiers probably refer to the origins of Goon humour in the army days of Spike and Secombe; Sellers was in the RAF. We've treated the 3 Goons with scripts as a separate memorial (mainly so we can show you another photo). The elephants, if they refer to India, Spike's place of birth, should have smaller ears. We think the fairies must refer to the Elfin Tree, now in Kensington Gardens which was saved, restored and listed following a campaign led by Spike.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Spike Milligan statue

Information Subjects commemorated

Spike Milligan

Goon. Born as Terence Alan Milligan near Bombay, India, his father being an I...

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Spike Milligan statue

Information Created by

Finchley Society

Formed to protect, preserve and improve buildings, transport, roads and open ...

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John Somerville

Sculptor based in Barnet.

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Spike Milligan statue

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