(lost) Sir Joshua Reynolds bust

Sir Joshua Reynolds bust Sir Joshua Reynolds bust

Sir Joshua Reynolds, 17 July 1723 - 23 February 1792, portrait painter.

As a student of Italian art, his work became increasingly classical under the influence of the Bolognese school. In 1768 he was elected the first President of the Royal Academy of Arts and was knighted. From 1760 until his death, he lived and painted in his studio, on the west side of Leicester Square where Fanum House now stands.

He is buried in St. Paul's Cathedral.

The bust is by Henry Weekes (1874)

All four of the Leicester Square busts were removed in the 2010-12 redesign, and we don't know where they went.

Site: Sir Joshua Reynolds bust (1 memorial)

WC2, Leicester Square

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Sir Joshua Reynolds bust

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Sir Joshua Reynolds

Born in Plympton, Devonshire. Came to London in 1753. As a student of Italian...

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Sir Joshua Reynolds bust

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Henry Weekes

Sculptor.  Born Canterbury.

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