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Silvertown explosion - firemen North Woolwich Road fire station

Plaque: Silvertown explosion - firemen


Dedicated to the memory of the firemen and their families killed and injured in the Silvertown explosion. 19th January 1917.

Site: North Woolwich Road fire station (3 memorials)

E16, North Woolwich Road

On the wall behind are two baskets for flowers and some screw holes. And on the wall a little to the left of the photo is another similar arrangement so 2 of these plaques used to be attached to wall. Which 2 and why they were moved, who knows, but the current arrangement is not a success.

The third plaque in the photo is to the firemen killed in the Silvertown explosion.

The fire station closed on 9 January 2014 and was being sold off in 2015. Our colleague, Andrew Behan, reported in 2021 that all these plaques have been removed since we last visited in November 2020 and the site was under development. Let's hope the plaques will reappear when the dust settles. Sadly the trees have also gone.

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Silvertown explosion - firemen

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Silvertown explosion - firemen

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