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Sheen milestone Sheen war memorial + milestone

Stone: Sheen milestone

Erection date: 1751


{Anti-clockwise starting from the south face:}
X miles from the Standard in Cornhill London, 1751

VI miles 3 {or 'to'} quarters from Hyde Park Corner

X miles From the Standard in Cornhill, 1751

VIII miles 3 quarters from West-minster Bridge

The inscription seems to have been re-carved, incorrectly, at some point, introducing some ambiguity. The measurements are corroborated by Google Maps, except that Westminster Bridge is actually about a mile closer. If you are into milestones this is the site for you: Metadyne.

Site: Sheen war memorial + milestone (2 memorials)

TW9, Sheen Lane

The milestone is to the left of our photo, behind the traffic light post.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Sheen milestone

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Cornhill Standard

A water conduit, and point of measurement. From Wikipedia: "first mechanicall...

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Westminster Bridge

Built 1739–50 by Swiss bridge engineer Charles Labelye. Until this was opened...

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Sheen milestone

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Sheen war memorial

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