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Kitt Catt Little Whig and Kitt Catt

Stone: Kitt Catt


Kitt Catt

Site: Little Whig and Kitt Catt (2 memorials)

WC1, Bedford Row, 42

These two houses now seem to have a single address and, like most of the street, are occupied by lawyers. We asked at reception for information regarding these stones but the lady was as puzzled by the stones as we were. In April 2010 Jean Haynes of Original London Walks solved the puzzle for us: "The Stones in Bedford Row were the foundation stones of the 1705 Italian Opera House in the Haymarket, managed by William Congreve and John Vanbrugh. The Kit Cat Club were the Whig subscribers and "Little Whig" was Anne Sunderland, daughter of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough." As to why the stones are now in the front gardens of houses in Bedford Row, this is open to speculation, but we are pleased that someone thought to preserve them.

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Kitt Catt

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Kit-Cat Club

18th century London club with political (Whig) and literary interests. Tendi...

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Kitt Catt

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Little Whig

Little Whig

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