Shaheed Minar martyrs

Shaheed Minar Martyrs Shaheed Minar martyrs

Erection date: /2/1999


{Incised on the riser of the step:}
Shaheed Minar

This monument is a replica of the original monument constructed in Dhaka, Bangladesh to commemorate those killed during the Bengali Language Movement demonstrations in 1952. Every year on 21 February, International Mother Language Day, members of the local community come here to mark 'Ekushey'. They lay wreaths in memory of the Language Martyrs. The monument represents a weeping mother and four children, grouped in front of a large blood-red circular panel.

We are not able to identify the person commemorated in this temporary addition to the permanent monument; sadly we think it might be a victim of modern-day violence.

Site: Shaheed Minar Martyrs (1 memorial)

E1, Altab Ali Park, Whitechapel High Street

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Shaheed Minar martyrs

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Shaheed Minar martyrs

Those killed during the Bengali Language Movement demonstrations in 1952. At ...

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