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Royal Military Academy - original plaque Royal Military Academy

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Plaque (lost): Royal Military Academy - original plaque


The Royal Military Academy, 1720, attributed to Sir John Vanbrugh. Built on the site of the original Tudor Manor House, Tower Place, to provide the Board Room for the Officers of the Ordnance. The Royal Military Academy was housed here from 1741 to 1806, when it was removed to Woolwich Common, the building is now the Royal Arsenal Officers' Mess.

Site: Royal Military Academy (2 memorials)

SE18, Artillery Square, Academy Performing Arts

Sometime 2011-17 the rather nice yellow plaque was replaced with the bronze rectangle which doesn't look new nor designed for an exterior site.

We don't consider the red plaque below the central window a memorial but, for the record, it reads "Royal Military Academy Grade II listed building, RARE, Royal Arsenal Riverside Explore".

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Royal Military Academy - original plaque

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Sir John Vanbrugh

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Royal Military Academy - original plaque

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