River Effra - Brockwell Lido

River Effra - Brockwell Lido River Effra - Brockwell Lido

Erection date: /7/2016


The hidden River Effra is beneath your feet.

Site: River Effra - Brockwell Lido (1 memorial)

SE24, Dulwich Road

An information board has been installed near the stink pipe. This explains stink pipes and also gives some information about the River Effra so we have placed our transcription on that page.

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
River Effra - Brockwell Lido

Subjects commemorated Information

River Effra

At the Brockwell Lido plaque there is an information board which begins by ex...

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Sir Joseph and Sir William Hooker

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Plaque unveiled by Princess Alexandra.

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John McDouall Stuart, 1815 - 1866, first explorer to cross Australia, lived and died here. London County Council

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Indira Gandhi and Lord Paul

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Two rather sad tree boxes, one empty and the other containing a dead commemorative tree.

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Pithers of Mortiner Street

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