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Quirinale Restaurant / Hotel Quirinale Restaurant / Hotel

Memorial: Quirinale Restaurant / Hotel

There are 4 friezes of designs impressed into lead. The two on the left are identical to the two on the right. We've stitched the two unique images into one slightly queasy image so you can see them both.

A sinuous honeysuckle tendril weaves around roundels and monograms. The roundels depict people doing sporty things: the girls are skipping, the boys swing Indian clubs and serve in tennis. In the monogram the J is shared by the two sets of initials.

Presumably 'MJD' is the architect Matthew Dawson (1875-1943, worked in HGS) but all we can suggest for 'BJG' is the commissioner of the building, whoever that was. And we cannot explain the sporting imagery.

Site: Quirinale Restaurant / Hotel (1 memorial)

SW1, Great Peter Street, North Court, 1

The friezes are below the ground floor windows.  On the masonry above the porch to the right: "Ford & Walton Ltd - Builders".  On the masonry above the porch to the left: "Matthew Dawson FRIBA - Architect".

We can find no more information - the building does not even seem to be listed. The restaurant that currently (2017) occupies the ground floor opened in 2002.

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