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Quintin Hogg at the Poly University of Westminster

Plaque: Quintin Hogg at the Poly


Quintin Hogg, educator & Christian benefactor, expanded his work by founding The Polytechnic, 1881 - 1882.

Site: University of Westminster (4 memorials)

W1, Regent Street, 309, University of Westminster

Formerly The (Regent Street) Polytechnic. The plaque for the first cinema is inside the hall and is not normally accessible except when the hall is in use. The other two plaques are on the Regent Street facade.  The University's Archive Services have produced a number of useful research guides for their different sites and facilities.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Quintin Hogg at the Poly

Information Subjects commemorated

Regent Street Polytechnic

Initially known as the Young Men's Christian Institute this was founded by Qu...

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Quintin Hogg

Born London. Merchant, philanthropist, social reformer, and, in 1882, founder...

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Quintin Hogg at the Poly

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