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Prince Consort Lodge Prince Consort Lodge

Memorial: Prince Consort Lodge


Model houses for families. Erected by H. R. H. Prince Albert.

Site: Prince Consort Lodge (1 memorial)

SE11, Kennington Park, Prince Albert's Cottages

Nearby information panel: "Prince Consort Lodge - Originally part of the 1851 Great Exhibition in Hyde Park, the building was intended as a model for working class family homes. It was commissioned by Prince Albert, President of the Society for Improving the Condition of the Labouring Classes. The building had two separate flats on each floor, each one with 3 bedrooms. By the standards of the day it offered spacious, efficient and low-cost accommodation that included a sink, rubbish shaft and flushing water closet. The use of innovative products, like hollow bricks, ensured dryness, warmth, durability and sound proofing - a combination that saw buildings based on this design appear in various places including The Hague and St Petersburg."

And a location much closer: Cromwell Buildings in Borough.

The inscription is under the balcony on the west side. Our photo shows the building from the east. Floor plans at London Traveller.

Designed by architect Henry Roberts (1803 - 1876) this building was first erected in the yard of Knightsbridge Barracks, just over the road from the Great Exhibition. When that show finished this building was taken down and, 1852-3, re-erected here where it housed two park attendants and a cottage museum. This coincided with the enclosed Kennington Common becoming the public Kennington Park. Since 2003 has been the HQ of the Trees for Cities charity.

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Prince Consort Lodge

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