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Old church - Stanmore Old church - Stanmore

Plaque: Old church - Stanmore

Erection date: 17/7/1992


St John the Evangelist Great Stanmore
On 17 July 1632 William Laud Bishop of London consecrated this church where the people of Stanmore worshipped for over 200 years. This building was left to become a ruin when the new church was built in 1850. Repairs in 1991-2 were funded by St John’s Church; the people of Stanmore, public donations, Harrow Heritage Trust; English Heritage.
On 17 July 1992 David Hope Bishop of London led prayers of thanksgiving for the conservation of the church.
Prebendary Michael H. V. Bowles – Rector

Michael S. Oliver, Ronald E. Price – Churchwardens
Dr. Frederick N. Hicks – Chairman Old Church Appeal
Carob & Partners – Architects
Hibbitt & Sons - Stonemasons

MyLondon informs: "{The old church} gained Grade II listed status in 1951. In 1989, renovation began, with English Heritage providing financial support. In 1991, with sufficient funds promised, the builders and masons moved in. On the 360th anniversary a special service was held inside the ruin." We think that's when the plaque was erected.

Site: Old church - Stanmore (1 memorial)

HA7, Uxbridge Road, St John the Evangelist, Stanmore

The plaque is just inside the ruin, near a locked gate in the south-facing wall. Nearby a modern notice lists the dates on which the building can be visited.

St John's Church gives the history of this ruined church and the current one beside it. But there was an even earlier church. A 14th century church of St. Mary  used to stand about a mile to the south, near the Wolverton Road bridge. This was abandoned in 1632 and replaced with St John's, now the ruin on Uxbridge Road. When a larger one was needed in 1850 it was built beside the previous one, which was to be demolished. But local opposition was strong so the destruction was halted, leaving the ruin we have today.

In our researches, when a new church is needed it is normally built on the site of the old one. But they've done things differently in Stanmore, twice.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Old church - Stanmore

Information Subjects commemorated

Michael H. V. Bowles

Rector at Old church - Stanmore in 1992.

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Dr Frederick N. Hicks

Long term resident of Stanmore. From HADAS "Dr Frederick Hicks is a retired G...

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William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury

Born Reading. 1628 became Bishop of London. 1633 became Archbishop of Canterb...

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Old church - Stanmore

Information Created by

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Carob & Partners

Architects active in 1992.

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Harrow Heritage Trust

A trust set up with the objectives of encouraging artists and architects of b...

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Hibbitt & Sons

Stonemasons working in Stanmore in 1992.

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David Hope, Bishop of London

1992  Bishop of London 1991-5. 2005 created a life peer, Baron Hope of Thorne...

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