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Newquay House - right Newquay House

Plaque: Newquay House - right

Erection date: 26/4/1994


His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, dedicated the fountain at Newquay House on the twenty-sixth day of April 1994 to commemorate the modernisation of the flats by London & Quadrant Housing Trust.
Architects: Hunt Tompson Associates

Site: Newquay House (2 memorials)

SE11, Newburn Street, Newquay House

You can see the plaques on either side of the arched entrance to the central courtyard, at the centre of which there is what looks like the basin for a fountain.

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Newquay House - right

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Charles, Prince of Wales

Patron of the Goon Show Preservation Society.

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Newquay House - right

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Newquay House - left

In 1933 the Duke of Cornwall was Prince Edward, who would later briefly becom...

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