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Mrs George M. Smith Mrs George M. Smith

Plaque: Mrs George M. Smith

Erection date: 30/11/1904


This stone was laid by Mrs George M. Smith, 30th November 1904.

Site: Mrs George M. Smith (1 memorial)

SW1, Vincent Square, 82, St George's House, South Westminster Centre for Health

We are grateful to London Footprints for this information: “This was designed in 1905 by R Stephen Ayling for 'ladies engaged in or training for professional work'. For just over £12 per annum each of the 50 residents had a bed-sitting room with a small metered gas fire. There was a communal drawing room, sitting room, dining room and laundry. Storage for bicycles was provided in the basement.”

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Mrs George M. Smith

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Mrs George M. Smith

Who is the 1904 plaque-layer? This lady could have been the 79-year old Eliza...

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