Marchioness at National Theatre

Marchioness at National Theatre Marchioness at National Theatre

Near this spot on Sunday 20th August 1989 the pleasure boat Marchioness was in collision with another vessel and sank with the loss of 51 lives.

Site: Marchioness at National Theatre (1 memorial)

SE1, Queen's Walk

We have found three (identical) plaques on the South Bank riverside recalling this disaster, as follows:
Royal Festival Hall
National Theatre - this one,
London Eye.

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Marchioness at National Theatre

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Sinking of the Marchioness

The pleasure boat The Marchioness collided with another vessel and sank with ...

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Nearby Memorials

Squadron Leader Brian Lane

Squadron Leader Brian Lane

HA5, Barrow Point Avenue, 17

Our thanks to Paul Baderman for the address and the press pack.

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3 subjects commemorated
T. S. Eliot - W8

T. S. Eliot - W8

W8, Kensington Court Place, 3, Kensington Court Gardens

Eliot moved here in 1957 after he married his second wife, his secretary Valerie, and died here 8 years later.

1 subject commemorated, 2 creators
Sir Ernest George - SW1

Sir Ernest George - SW1

SW1, Cadogan Square, 50

The plaque can just be seen inside the porch. 'Scheduled Building of Historic & Architectural Interest' - in modern parlance this is...

2 subjects commemorated
Princess Alice disaster - plaque

Princess Alice disaster - plaque

IG11, Long Walk, River Road

Waymarking informs that this plaque is on the site of Creekmouth Village, overlooking the spot in the river where the tragedy took place..

2 subjects commemorated, 2 creators
Phyllis Pearsall

Phyllis Pearsall

SE21, Court Lane Gardens, 3

This is where she was born. 

2 subjects commemorated, 1 creator