Louise Cattell bench


{On a plaque attached to the back of the bench:}
In loving memory of Louise “Little Lou” Cattell (1989 – 2011) whose glowing, creative spirit still graces these streets.
Donated by those she inspired.

Site: Louise Cattell bench (1 memorial)

NW1, Chalk Farm Road, 88

We don't normally collect benches but this was so stunning we photo'd it before we even realised it was a memorial. It was so beautifully decorated with tulips that we thought it was probably publicity for something happening at the Roundhouse opposite. The bench was sited here to be close to the Marathon Kebab House, the venue for Louise's cabaret routine.

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Louise Cattell bench

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Louise “Little Lou” Cattell

Musician and promoter.  Died aged 21 after taking the drug ketamine.  The pic...

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