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John Law Baker fountain John Law Baker fountain + Conroy

Fountain: John Law Baker fountain


{On the front of the base, written in inserted metal letters:}
In memory of John Law Baker, formerly of the Madras Army, born 1789 - died 1886.

This is a lovely piece of sculpture. The cut off fluted column possibly indicates the "life cut short" of John Baker Law, but he died aged 97 so not that short! Two sides are provided with these wonderful lion-head fountains above fluted basins. The front carries a large patera (plain round boss) which may have been duplicated at the back but currently the back of this main section is entirely missing.

Site: John Law Baker fountain + Conroy (2 memorials)

WC2, Duncannon Street, behind St. Martin-in-the-fields

In a Westminster audit of 2003 the Baker fountain was described as being "inside the churchyard in the south west corner ...c.1886 featuring a stone column with lionhead fountains issuing into basins." Since then the church and its surroundings have undergone a renovation leaving the fountain rather stranded on this terrace.

The Geraldine Conroy stone is one of the gray edging stones of the raised platform on which the man sits.  Geraldine’s daughter, Katharine Whalen, gave a large sum of money to fund the renewal of the courtyard.  Katharine and her husband Dan are wealthy philanthropic Americans.  The Renewal of St Martin’s gives more information.

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John Law Baker fountain

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John Law Baker fountain

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