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John and Thomas Felton John and Thomas Felton

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Plaque (lost): John and Thomas Felton


John Felton martyred 8 August 1570.
Thomas Felton martyred 28 August 1588.
1570 - 1588.

Site: John and Thomas Felton (1 memorial)

SE16, George Row, Former Felton Hall

We photographed the plaque some years ago, but did not get a picture of the building on which it was located. We have checked around the flats that have been built on the site, but can find no trace of the plaque.

The plaque was on Felton Hall which was demolished by 2012. Our image comes from Google Street View, September 2009. The 7-storey building now on the site is Felton Hall House.

From a 2009 "Bermondsey Community Council Planning Agenda": "The existing building is a vacant two storey church hall that benefits from Class D1/D2 (community/leisure) use. There is a hall at ground floor level with ancillary floorspace at first floor level, the existing floorspace within the building measures 426 square metres. The application site does not refer to any listed buildings and is not located within a conservation area. The building originally functioned as a community hall for the Catholic Church at Dock Head {Holy Trinity Church, Dockhead - large church, 2 streets away, to the north-west}. Due to declining congregation numbers the hall was employed as a private sports club however this was unsuccessful and the building has been vacant for the past four years."

The choice of this location for the plaque is probably explained by the relative proximity of the Felton family home, Bermondsey Abbey, about half a mile to the west. Following the dissolution of the monasteries it seems that a mansion was built on the site of this abbey and the name was retained.

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John and Thomas Felton

Information Subjects commemorated

John Felton

Catholic lay priest and martyr. Father of Thomas Felton. A wealthy man, he li...

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Thomas Felton

Catholic lay priest and martyr. Son of John Felton, he was born in about 1567...

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