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Jemina Durning Smith Jemina Durning Smith

Bust: Jemina Durning Smith


Jemina Durning Smith 1888

Site: Jemina Durning Smith (1 memorial)

SE11, Kennington Lane, Durning Library

Building designed by Sidney R. J. Smith.  The roundel is in the spandrel of the main ground floor window.

The Ornamental Passions page for this building must be viewed - it has a good assessment of the architectural adornments and there we learn that, despite our having seen "Jemima", what is actually written in the roundel is "Jemina", that being the lady's given name.   The poor woman must have been sick of correcting people, or perhaps she just gave up and accepted either. 

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Jemina Durning Smith

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Jemina Durning Smith

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