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Heathcoat House Heathcoat House

Bust: Heathcoat House


Heathcoat House, 1808 - 1954.

Site: Heathcoat House (1 memorial)

W1, Savile Row, 20

20 Savile Row is the address of the building but the plaque is actually around the corner in New Burlington Street.

An insurance map of 1889 shows no building named Heathcoat House on this corner, just the expected terraces of closely packed, probably Georgian buildings for which a construction date of 1808 would be consistent.  The map labels the two buildings on this corner “Woollen w/h” so either the insurers were uninterested in the distinctions between different, but equally flammable, fabrics or the labelling is out of date, or Heathcoat has not yet taken over the warehouses.  But we know Heathcoat acquired London warehouses for his lace-nets sometime after 1815 and the plaque suggests that at that point he proudly named his London premises Heathcoat House.

The warehouse buildings were presumably demolished in 1954, the end date on the plaque, just like many London buildings, possibly following war-time bomb damage.  The current building is certainly not that early so there must have been an interim building.

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Heathcoat House

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John Heathcoat

Inventor and businessman. Born Derbyshire. Invented a machine for manufacturi...

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