Guy, Earl of Warwick

Guy, Earl of Warwick Guy, Earl of Warwick

{At the knight's head:}
{To the left of his legs:}
{Below the knight's feet is a, relatively, newer stone, on which is inscribed:}
Restored - 1817
J. Deykes - Archt.
Pennants London's 5th Editn. 492

Internet Archive gives: "On the north-west corner of Warwick Lane is an effigy of Guy, Earl of Warwick. He is dressed as a knight in armour, and the stone bears date 1668." This location seems to have been the site of a Warwick Inn, owned by the Earls of Warwick since about 1450, and lost in the Great Fire of 1666.

Pennant's London apparently has something to say about this item in the 5th edition, on page 492. We are surprised to find such a reference carved in stone, but there it is. Perhaps Mr Pennant paid for the restoration and got this piece of publicity in return. The restoration must be when the clearly visible additions were made top and bottom.

Old London Maps says: "The lane derives its name from the Inn or house of Richard Neville, the king-making earl of Warwick." He was 15th century, not a legendary hero. That suggests some long standing confusion.

We have found two other comparable plaques of similar date: St Olave, Silver Street - destroyed and Boy and Panyer.  Spitalfields Life has an excellent post on old London signs, which includes early photos of the Warwick plaque and the Boy and Panyer. 

Site: Guy, Earl of Warwick (1 memorial)

EC1, Warwick Lane

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Guy, Earl of Warwick

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Pennant's London

Pennant's London is a book about London published in the early 1800s. The Pic...

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Guy, Earl of Warwick

We were disappointed to find that Wikipedia considers Guy to be "a legendary...

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Guy, Earl of Warwick

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J. Deykes

Architect active in 1817.

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