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Graveyard Graveyard, garden & Lowe

Plaque: Graveyard


John Michele Esq., second son of Simon Michele Esq., of Saint John Clerkenwell, gave this ground as a place of Burial to the Parish of Saint John Clerkenwell by a grant dated May 1st 1714 and inrolled in Chancery, in pursuance of his father's goodness.

Site: Graveyard, garden & Lowe (3 memorials)

EC1, Benjamin Street, St John's Garden

In the photo you can see 3 stone plaques on this wall. The low, middle one is weather-worn into illegibility. Lowe's tree is at the centre of the photo.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:

Information Subjects commemorated

John Michele

Second son of Simon in the parish of St John Clerkenwell. Active in 1714.

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Simon Michele

From the parish of St. John Clerkenwell. Probably died shortly before 1714. ...

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St John's Clerkenwell graveyard & garden

In 1714 John Michele gave the ground to St John’s Church in St John’s Square ...

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This section lists the other memorials at the same location as the memorial on this page:

Information Also at this site

Simon Lowe tree

Donated by Belmont and Lowe to mark the retirement of Simon Lowe, 30th April ...

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St John's Garden

S. John's Clerkenwell This consecrated graveyard, the property of S. John's ...

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