(lost) George Eliot - Richmond

George Eliot - Richmond George Eliot - Richmond

George Eliot, 1819 - 1880, novelist, lived in a house on this site.
Richmond upon Thames Commemorative Plaque

LivingInMagazines gives "In September 1855 the Leweses moved to new lodgings at 8 Park Shot, in Richmond, where they remained until February 1859, when they moved to Wandsworth."

Site: George Eliot - Richmond (1 memorial)

TW9, Parkshot, 86, Former Richmond Magistrates Court

The Richmond Magistrates Court, designed by the GLC Architects Department, was built in 1975 and demolished in 2018. Our street view, taken from Google, shows the plaque to the left of the ground floor windows. The photograph of the plaque comes from the Richmond and Twickenham Times.

Correction: the building is being kept, converted into offices. The plaque has definitely been removed but we hope it's in safe keeping and will be installed when the building works are over.

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George Eliot - Richmond

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George Eliot

Novelist.  Born Chilvers Coton, Warwickshire.  Pen name of Mary Ann (or Maria...

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George Eliot - Richmond

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Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Formed by the merger of the Municipal Boroughs of Twickenham and of Richmond ...

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