Friese-Greene - Maida Vale - lost

Erection date: 1954

Site: Friese-Greene - Maida Vale - lost (1 memorial)

W9, Maida Vale, 136, Friese Greene House

Friese-Greene lived here 1888-91 and a plaque was erected in 1954 - it can be seen in the photo, beside the door. In 1997, despite local opposition, the Council (Camden) gave permission for the building to be demolished and it was replaced with flats, Friese-Greene House, but the plaque was not re-hung.

This is an important address in cinema history since, from Local Local History (our picture source), it was here, in 1889, that Friese-Greene "first succeeded in projecting a moving picture. He was so excited that he rushed out into the street and dragged in the first person he could find to view it. This happened to be a policeman walking past. Completely bewildered, he became the first cinema audience in the world."

We thank Local Local History for their photo and their research work. This site is of international importance and if anywhere deserves a plaque, this does.

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Friese-Greene - Maida Vale - lost

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William Friese-Greene

Photographer, inventor and pioneer of cinematography. Born Bristol as William...

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