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First driver killed in road accident First driver killed in road accident

Plaque: First driver killed in road accident

Erection date: 25/2/1969


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The first recorded motor accident in Great Britain involving the death of the driver occurred on Grove Hill on 25th February 1899.
This plaque was unveiled on the 70th anniversary by the Mayor of Harrow, Alderman Charles Stenhouse.

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HA1, Grove Hill

Londonist reports: "According to a local press report, 'While the car was going down Grove Hill at a high speed the front wheel collapsed, and the occupants were violently thrown out.' The driver, Edwin Root Sewell (31), died instantly. A passenger called Major Ritche died later from a fractured skull, and a further four passengers received minor injuries.

It was a tragedy, but the plaque is incorrect — the accident was not the first of its kind. A whole year earlier, one Mr Henry Lindfield lost control of his motor wagonette during a drive in Purley. His vehicle ran through a wire fence before hitting a tree, mortally wounding him. There is no plaque commemorating Mr Lindfield's crash, makes us wonder why Harrow was so desperate to claim the unenviable first motor accident, considering it isn't Harrow's to own."

Londonist also reports another, even earlier, traffic death, this time of a pedestrian, Mrs Driscoll in 1896, within Crystal Palace Park. We don't believe any commemorative plaque has been raised to Mrs Driscoll.

The first railway death is reportedly William Huskisson, 1830. And 2018, the first external death caused by an autonomous vehicle, in Arizona, Elaine Herzberg. Driverless Futures reported that Uber, the company responsible for the vehicle, agreed an out-of-court settlement with the victim’s family but, as far as we can see, no legal penalties were imposed, no one was held responsible for the death.

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First driver killed in road accident

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Alderman Charles Stenhouse. Mayor of Harrow in February 1969. Our image is a ...

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