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Druid Street arch WW2 bomb 2 Druid Street arch WW2 bomb

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Plaque: Druid Street arch WW2 bomb 2
War Memorial


{Beneath a cross with the date 25.10.1940 and between two photographs:}
Druid Street Arch Bombing
{Followed by 73 names. See commemorated subjects:}

This is an unusual, hand-made memorial. Although it looks quite old, historic Google Street Views show that it was erected between April 2015 and May 2016. Good to have the list of names, all but 5 with their ages, though compared with the nearby Southwark plaque, 4 names are missing,

The spellings of 'Kathrine Wilcox' and 'Cathrine Ingram' are so unusual that we checked our transcription and can report {sic}.

Our genealogical consultant, Andrew Behan, investigated both these names and concluded: "I believe that whoever created the plaque obtained their information from the Metropolitan Borough of Bermondsey Register of WWII Civilian Deaths 1939-1945 and made a simple error in transcribing the forenames of these two ladies. However. whether the information in this register is accurate would appear to be open to question, but it was compiled by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC).

Site: Druid Street arch WW2 bomb (2 memorials)

SE1, Druid Street

Following comments via Facebook and correspondence with Sue Itzinger we understand that at Nunhead Cemetery there is an unmarked mass grave in which many of the dead from Druid Street are buried. Gladys Itzinger was buried here on 5 November 1940,

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Druid Street arch WW2 bomb 2

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Druid Street arch WW2 bomb

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Florence Ball

Victim of the Druid Street arch bomb, aged 63.

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Druid Street arch WW2 bomb 2

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