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Diplomatic Gates Diplomatic Gates

Plaque: Diplomatic Gates

Erection date: 10/5/1984


{Curved below the metal plaque:}
The Diplomatic Gates 

{On the metal plaque:}
The Treaty of Paris, 1783
United States of America and Great Britain, 1983

{On the long inscription below the metal plaque:}
These gates were dedicated on May the 10th 1984 to commemorate the bicentennial of the Treaty of Paris and to honor those diplomats of Great Britain and the United States of America Who have persevered in the tradition of David Hartley Richard Oswald Benjamin Franklin John Jay John Adams and Henry Laurens by laboring steadfastly in the work of peace.

The spelling is probably a good indication of which country funded this memorial.

Site: Diplomatic Gates (1 memorial)

W1, Grosvenor Square

The gates themselves are nothing to write home about but, for the 1980s, this is a quality inscription with some nice design, note the “10th”.

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Diplomatic Gates

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Treaty of Paris

The agreement in which Britain acknowledged the United States to be sovereign...

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John Adams

Second President of USA. 1783 signatory to the Treaty of Paris. Minister to t...

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Benjamin Franklin

Natural philosopher, writer, revolutionary politician and inventor.  Born Bos...

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David Hartley

Politician and inventor of fireproofing systems. Born in Bath, he moved to Lo...

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John Jay

American statesman. 1783 signatory for the Treaty of Paris.

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