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Dairy Supply Company - churn Dairy Supply Company

Relief: Dairy Supply Company - churn

Erection date: 1888


{On the ribbon wrapped around the milk churn:}
Dairy Supply Co Limited

Site: Dairy Supply Company (2 memorials)

WC1, Coptic Street, 30, Pizza Express

We've long admired this building (1888 by R. P. Whellock) so we are delighted that Ian Visits posted about it and did a lot of the research on the history of the company. Suddenly we feel we can consider the lovely milk churn terracotta relief and the list of directors to be memorials. Those directors turn out to be a surprisingly interesting bunch: one invented the milk churn, one was a laughably bad High Court Judge and the third was photographed as a ghost.

2013: London Details have a good post on this building and the company.

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Dairy Supply Company - churn

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Dairy Supply Company Limited

Establihsed by George Barham in the late 19th century to sell milk-related th...

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Dairy Supply Company - churn

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Dairy Supply Company - Directors

These panels are above a door which we guess leads to the offices above with ...

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