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D-Day Tree D-Day Tree

Tree: D-Day Tree

Erection date: 1994


{On the two plaques to the north:}
D-Day, 6th June 1944, 50th Anniversary, 1994, City of Westminster

{On the two plaques to the south:}
Operation Overlord

These 4 plaques, each about 7" (we didn't actually measure them) are laid into the 4 corners of the metal tree-pit cover around the Ginkgo biloba, Maidenhair tree. We've created a composite image showing the plaques as arranged when viewed from the east, with your back to North Audley Street. The symbol used on the Operation Overlord plaques is the SHAEF insignia.

Erected in 1994, while not grand, this is an unusual memorial so we have studied it. Two puzzles: We can see no reason for this particular arrangement of the plaques; for example why put the 2 D-Day plaques to the north? Secondly, we need to go back and check with our fingers, but it seems that in each pair of plaques one has the text in relief and on the other the text is incuse (sunken). Perhaps all these binaries are symbolic of the two countries that achieved the victory, UK and USA. Or is this too fanciful?

Site: D-Day Tree (1 memorial)

W1, Grosvenor Square

This tree, so close to the US embassy, celebrates the US involvement in WW2 victory. We can find no record of the planting of this tree. In contrast we have found a record of the unveiling of a stone to commemorate D-Day but we cannot find the stone.

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D-Day Tree

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