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Crutched Friars Crutched Friars

Statue: Crutched Friars

Erection date: 1985


{On the inside of the scroll held by the friar on the left is an inscription that is not intended for easy reading:}
??? the ???????di ntial {Basically, we can't read it. Take a ladder and a torch if you want to have a go.}

Red granite and off-white marble with some bronze. Close examination of this lovely sculpture revealed the secret inscription and a key (a real, modern-day mortice key) hidden on the step below the habit of the friar on the right. We left it there, and it was still there a few months later.

But isn't this sculpture just lovely? The post-modern optical illusion of the steps and the entrance, the asymmetrical bollard and the smoothness of the stone that just makes you want to stroke it. One of our favourites.

Ornamental Passions don't like it as much as we do.

Site: Crutched Friars (1 memorial)

EC3, Crutched Friars, Friary Court

This unusually acceptable post-modern building, designed by Chapman Taylor Partners, was erected by Commercial Union Assurance in 1984-5. 

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Crutched Friars

Information Subjects commemorated

Friars of the Holy Cross, Crutched Friars

Their odd name is just a corruption of 'Crossed', a reference to the red clot...

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This section lists the subjects who helped to create/erect the memorial on this page:
Crutched Friars

Information Created by

Michael Black

Sculptor, based in Oxford  active around 1971 - 85.

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