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Claremont Close - WW2 damage Claremont Close - WW2 damage

Plaque: Claremont Close - WW2 damage
War Memorial


{There are two brick pillars at the entrance to this Close, each topped with a large sphere. The north pillar bears a stone plaque, reading:}
This Close, damaged by enemy action in January 1941, was restored by the New River Co. Ltd., 1946.
{above this is the charming insignia, pictured, and described in our commentary below.}
Et plui super unam civitatem

{The southern pillar also bears a plaque, inscribed with "The road beyond this point is the property of the New River Company"}

The charming insignia seems to show a roofscape, including a church, all behind a protecting gated wall, enclosed in a circle, bounded by rope, containing a Latin motto: Et plui super unam civitatem. This translates as something like "And it rained over one city". At the top there is a hand reaching down from a cloud. We take this all to refer to the benefits of rain when collected for the civic good.

Site: Claremont Close - WW2 damage (1 memorial)

N1, Claremont Close

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Claremont Close - WW2 damage

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Claremont Close - WW2 damage

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New River Company

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