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Christ Church Spitalfields - Mr Root Christ Church Spitalfields - north

Plaque: Christ Church Spitalfields - Mr Root


Christ Church, Spitafields. All applications about Marriages, Burials &c. at this church must be made to Mr Root.
{The lower section looks to have been overwritten, reading both:}
Church Street, London E1
W. H. Wright

Not a memorial but we wanted to include this sign, partly for completeness but also, it seems to be fading rapidly. The plaque is in Fournier Street, then called Church Street. The 2011 photo at Spitalfields Life shows it more legible than ours of 2017. Mr Root, and W. H. Wright were presumably the registrars at different times, but we can't verify that, which is a pity because it would be nice to date this sign.

Site: Christ Church Spitalfields - north (2 memorials)

E1, Commercial Street, Christ Church Spitalfields

These plaques are both facing the pavement, but above the heads of any passing pedestrians. In our photo 'Mr Root' is the dark square near the red car; 'men and ladders' is on the other side of the fancy railings.

We've collected a total of 7 plaques on the outside of this church - see Christ Church Spitalfields - porch.

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Christ Church Spitalfields - Mr Root

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