Charles Yerkes


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Northern line founder
Charles Tyson Yerkes (1837 - 1905) was the man responsible for the construction of the Northern, Piccadilly, and Bakerloo lines.  He founded the Underground Electric Railways of London, which was one of the forerunner companies of today's Underground. Yerkes was a ‘creative businessman’ – an American who arrived in London after questions were raised about his imaginative business practices on Chicago’s transit system.
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Site: Charles Yerkes (1 memorial)

SE11, Kennington Park Road, Oval tube station

We were delighted to see this memorial - it enables us to tell you about this splendid, unique, station: light and airy, joyous murals of cricketers (see the inventive speeding ball in our photo) and plants everywhere. But we are not sure why this station, rather than any other, has this memorial.

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Charles Yerkes

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Charles Tyson Yerkes

First things first - pronounce his name to rhyme to with turkeys.  He has a c...

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