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Charles Fort - silvery Charles Fort

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Matt Brown

Plaque: Charles Fort - silvery


Charles Fort (1874-1932) American founder of Forteanism, the study of anomalous phenomena, lived here 1921-1928.

Fort and his wife Anna lived in the first floor flat, conveniently close to the British Museum for his researches.

Site: Charles Fort (2 memorials)

WC1, Marchmont Street, 39

Charles and his wife Anna came to London and lived at first 15 and then 39A Marchmont Street so that he could live close while he read his way through all the scientific journals at the British Library, then accessed via the Reading Room at the British Museum. For seven years he read, and wrote his four books on topics such as space travel, magic, etc. See Fortean Times.

In 2015 the silvery plaque, which had been here for at least 10 years, was replaced with the blue one.  We were rather sorry to see the individual one go so we're keeping it here for the record.

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Charles Fort - silvery

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Charles Fort - silvery

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