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Carthusian martyrs Carthusian martyrs

Plaque: Carthusian martyrs


Remember before God the monks and lay-brothers of the Carthusian House of the salutation who worshipped at this altar and for conscience sake endured torment and death, 1535 - 1537.
John Houghton - Prior
Robert Lawrence - Prior of Beauvale
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Lay Brothers:
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O ye servants of the Lord, bless ye the Lord; 
O ye spirits and souls of the righteous, bless ye the Lord;
O ye holy and humble men of heart bless ye the Lord;
Praise him, and magnify him for ever.

The verse comes from "The Apocrypha: Prayer of Azariah, Chapter 1".

We don't understand why this plaque excludes Augustine Webster who was prior of the Carthusian Axholme Priory and was executed at Tyburn on 4 May 1535, with Houghton and Lawrence. He was not from the London Charterhouse but neither was Lawrence.

Site: Carthusian martyrs (2 memorials)

EC1, Charterhouse Square

A private commemoration ceremony takes place at the Carthusian martyrs plaque on 4 May, the date of John Houghton's execution, each year.

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Carthusian martyrs

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Carthusian martyrs

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