Bishop Wood’s Almshouses

Bishop Wood’s Almshouses Bishop Wood’s Almshouses

Erection date: 1930


Bishop Wood’s Almshouses
Erected and endowed by Dr Thomas Wood, sometime Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, born in the Parish of Hackney 1607 and died 1692.
The Almshouses and chapel were restored by the Trustees, AD 1930.

The Revd N. A. Lash MA - Chairman, Rector of St John at Hackney
Sir D. T. Keymer OBE - Hon Treasurer
William Voss - Clerk
H. Reginald Ross - Architect

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Site: Bishop Wood’s Almshouses (1 memorial)

E5, Lower Clapton Road

2016: These almshouses are on the Heritage at Risk register. Grade II Listed, the entry says: " Late C17 U-shaped range of single-storey almshouses, much restored."

In 1906 the Charity Commissioners approved a scheme whereby Bishop Wood's Almshouses were to be administered by the Trustees of Dr Spurstowe's Charity.

In our photo the lady in red and her partner are struggling to carry their Christmas tree home.  28 November - too early, surely!

This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Bishop Wood’s Almshouses

Subjects commemorated i

Sir D. T. Keymer

Hon Treasurer of the Committee to restore Bishop Wood's Almshouses in 1930. ...

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Rev. N. A. Lash

Hon. Sec, to the Strangers Home for Asiatics, Africans & South Sea Island...

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H. Reginald Ross

Architect for the restoration of Bishop Wood's Almshouses in 1930.  Designed ...

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William Voss

Clerk of the Committee to restore Bishop Wood's Almshouses in 1930.  Clerk to...

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Bishop Thomas Wood

Born in the Parish of Hackney. He seems to have been a bad boy: Ejected from ...

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