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Baron de Stern clock tower Baron de Stern clock tower

Memorial: Baron de Stern clock tower

Erection date: 1890


{On a large stone plaque on the west side:}
Presented to the trustees of the People's Palace for the benefit of the people of East London by Herbert Stern Esq. In memory of his father Baron de Stern.
{On the north side:}
MDCCCXC {Roman numerals for 1890}
{On the east side there is a relief showing a seagull-like bird flying in front of a coastal sunrise (or sunset - how can one tell?) with the words:}
Time trieth troth

Ornamental Passions has a photo of the seagull relief and explains that "Time trieth troth" "was used often to describe the plight of the Jacobites in their weary and fruitless wait for the return of the Stuarts" though that information brings OP no closer to explaining the proverb's presence here. This prompted us to have another go ourselves and discovered that there is a 12-line section of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" that refers to this motto, to birds and to the bay of Portugal (towards the end of Act 4, scene 1) . Given Stern's Portuguese links this seemed relevant but we've examined the text and can see no connection. So the puzzle remains.

Site: Baron de Stern clock tower (1 memorial)

E1, Mile End Road, Queen Mary College

The north and south sides of this tower each provide a (now non-working) drinking fountain.

Edward Robert Robson was the architect for the People's Palace and so presumably this tower is also of his design.

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Baron de Stern clock tower

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Baron de Stern clock tower

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Herbert Stern

Son of Baron de Stern. Started in his father's banking business but left in a...

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