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Annette Fennessy tree Annette Fennessey tree

Tree: Annette Fennessy tree


{On a small steel plaque, attached to a wooden tablet, attached to the cage around the tree:}
Nettie's Tree
For Annette Fennessy with all our love.
b.6th February 1974

Site: Annette Fennessey tree (1 memorial)

N1, Canonbury Square Gardens

The memorial does not provide enough information for us to be able to identify this woman, who could not have been older than 43 when she died.

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This section lists the subjects commemorated on the memorial on this page:
Annette Fennessy tree

Information Subjects commemorated

Annette Fennessy

May 2017, the same month that we found the tree, a comment at Bug Woman named...

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