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Angel Alley Angel Alley

Plaque: Angel Alley

Erection date: 15/3/2007


Angel Alley and surrounds
A generation of generations ago, at the time of the Rockall Ascendancy, most of this area, owned by the Royal Family of distant Rockall, was a fiefdom of filth and wretchedness. It was here, searching for her sister, that the formidable Esther Tabran clearly saw Crown Prince Jyorge furtively step out of Georges Yard that lethal morning. Too late to save Martha, Esther's unbridled and unrepentant outrage was a key link in the chain that left the once might empire a mere rump of rock accenting the sea.
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Site: Angel Alley (3 memorials)

E1, Angel Alley

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Angel Alley

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Angel Alley

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{Plaque near the entrance to the alley:} This project was carried out with Fr...

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Anthony Frey

Frey died aged 31 in an Alpine rock climbing accident.

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