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Alan Blumlein Abbey Road Studios

Plaque: Alan Blumlein

Erection date: 1/4/2015


IEEE Milestone in Electrical Engineering and Computing
Invention of Stereo Sound Reproduction, 1931
Alan Dower Blumlein filed a patent for a two-channel audio system called "stereo" on 14 December 1931. It included a "shuffling" circuit to preserve directional sound, an orthogonal "Blumlein Pair" of velocity microphones, the recording of two orthogonal channels in a single groove, stereo disc-cutting head, and hybrid transformer to mix directional signals. Blumlein brought his equipment to Abbey Road Studios in 1934 and recorded the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
April 2015

This is the most technical plaque we've ever transcribed - and we are none the wiser.

Site: Abbey Road Studios (2 memorials)

NW8, Abbey Road, 3, Abbey Studios

Abbey Road Studios were opened in November 1931 by EMI. The Blumlein plaque is to the right, Elgar to the left.

A live webcam has been set up on the boundary wall pointing at that pedestrian crossing. Londonist posted this lyrical short film about the crossing.

We've read that when George Harrison died members of the studio set up huge speakers at the front and played 'All Things Must Pass' to the crowds of mourners.

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Alan Blumlein

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Alan Blumlein

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Alan Blumlein

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