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Southbank Mosaics / London School of Mosaic


Southbank Mosaics actively promotes equal opportunities and cross-cultural, inter-generational mosaic art work. The studio aims to draw on the historic roots of local neighbourhoods traversed by Shakespeare, Blake and Dickens, and more recently by Charlie Chaplin, Bob Marley, Daley Thompson and Imran Khan - to name but a few.
The picture source website has a map giving the locations of many of their installations.

Our image came from the website years ago but since they changed their name to London School of Mosaic so has the website name, now

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Southbank Mosaics / London School of Mosaic

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Chaplin mosaics 1

Southbank Mosaics

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Dave Squires

Dave Squires, 1949 - 2009, much loved street sweeper. Southbankmosaics Suppor...

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Morley Mosaics - KEW - Annie McCall

Dr Annie McCall, born 1859. Annie founded the Clapham Maternity Hospital and ...

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Morley mosaics - KEW - Heather Rabbatts

Heather Rabbatts, born 1955. Heather was a Jamaican born British lawyer, busi...

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Morley mosaics - KEW - Hester Thrale

Hester Thrale, born 1741. Hester was a colourful member of London society, no...

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