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murder in 1915

murder in 1915


Categories: Tragedy

The body of Alice Elizabeth Jarman, 40, of Notting Dale was found in a ditch in Hyde Park, near the Buck Hill bastion, on 19 February 1915.  A bayonet was found in a gully but was examined with negative results, there being no trace of blood on the weapon or the scabbard.  A man under the influence of drink gave himself up as the murderer, but inquiry showed that he could have had nothing to do with it. The bayonet was issued in 1893 but it could not be traced to any particular man.  The jury returned a verdict of wilful murder against some persons unknown, and found there was no evidence to show what weapon was used.  The inquest concluded 18 March 1915. We think Notting Dale is in the White City/Westway area of W10 and W12. The finding of this body prompted the filling in of the ditch which was the last remains of the ha-ha on the eastern edge of Kensington Gardens.

We  are grateful to Rocker Ages who helped us research this by providing reports from the Daily Mail and the Staffordshire Sentinel both of 19 March 1915.

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murder in 1915

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