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Miss Ellen Reardon

Miss Ellen Reardon

Person  Female  Died 4/2/1880

Categories: Benefactor

At the ever-informative MDFCTA we find:
Ellen Reardon of 2 New Terrace, Islington died on 4 February 1880. Her sister Margaret Reardon died 13 January 1876. In her will, Ellen Reardon bequeathed some money to the MDFCTA to erect troughs and drinking fountains with the inscription: “MISS ELLEN REARDON’S BEQUEST IN MEMORY OF HER FATHER, MOTHER AND SISTER DANIEL, ELIZABETH AND MARGARET REARDON 1880”. At least 13 "Reardon" troughs and more than 50 fountains were erected.

Note: In 1890 New Terrace became part of a renumbered Duncan Terrace.

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Miss Ellen Reardon

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