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London County Council

Group  From 21/3/1889  To 1965

Prior to the LCC London matters were run by church parishes. The LCC was the first directly elected strategic local government body for London. Replaced by the Greater London Council, covering a larger area.

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London County Council

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Andrew Young

Andrew Behan directed us to Coletti where we discovered that the plaque was "...

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Avondale Park

This park was acquired and laid out by the Vestry of Kensington with financia...

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Cobden House

Cobden House This block was built in 1958 by the London County Council and wa...

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Coram's Fields

These grounds, the site of the Foundling Hospital, established in 1739 by Cap...

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County Hall - Education

The home of Inner London's Education Service from 1922, ILEA succeeding the ...

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London County Council

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Albert Chevalier

Albert Chevalier, 1861 - 1923, music hall comedian, was born here. London Cou...

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Alfred Stevens

Alfred Stevens (1817 - 1875) artist, lived here. LCC

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Alice Meynell

Alice Meynell, 1847 - 1922, poet and essayist, lived here. London County Council

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Andrew Bonar Law

London County Council Andrew Bonar Law, 1858-1923, prime minister lived here.

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Andrew Lang

Andrew Lang, 1844 - 1912, man of letters lived here in 1876 - 1912. London Co...

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